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He is so useless that he's useful - Lee Xiao Lye


Bob is a very useless person as far as anyone can understand before Mizusaki and the rest met him. so useless he has a two-dimensional appearence due to his lack of use. However, the paradoxical aspect of him is that he has a nose, a feature only important people grow from usefulness. This maybe due to the use out of him from his two-dimensional appearence such as recon or lockpicking. This however does not change the fact that he is annoying....

Personal LifeEdit

Little is known about Bob. It is believed he served in the war before the Incident as a captain of an armoured platoon though it is unimaginable how he got the job or even survived in the war beckoning some to believes he suffers from Dissociative identity disorder due to trama from the war meaning the personality of Bob is probably not the one he has during the war. His age is unknown due to his basic appearence though if he served in the war he is probably over 40.


Bob is a two-dimensional stick figure with only a pair of pants as clothing. When first seen, he did not have his paradoxical nose which he later grows when his servere uselessness becomes useful. His trademark pants are suprisingly not machine washable due to the material and the possibility it is fused to his body in his current state,


Having a two-dimensional body, Bob can squeeze through small spaces and even turn "invisible" by turning ninety degrees. Also he is practically impervious to damage due to the lack of body mass to damage him though if were to receive piercing damage (like a stab from a knife) it is possible he will be serverely injured. Except he lack ANY vital organs or blood for that matter so he would probably be ok though in alot of pain...(you can't kill what has no weak spot...or blood for that matter). He carries no weapon though his arms could serve as blades due to how thin they are.

Role so farEdit

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