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An satanic view of the rarely viewed Brain Peppers, Capsicums are a species of vegetable first existing on Planet Earth through natural selection. Brain Peppers became less resistant to dry climates, mutating a special phenotype that allowed them to become thicker, plumper and hence be able to capacitate more moisture.

Origin Edit

Not many know the true origin of the capsicum, however it has been widely believed by philosophers that the vegetable was first grown in a shipping crate mounted onto a semi-trailer. The semi-trailer had the acronym 'H.O.M.E' as an artist, Rob Boss, has illustrated on the right (2004).

Usage Edit

The capsicum was first consumed by an animal in 800BC, and the first human to consume its modern variety was Evan Tyler of South Carolina, putting it in his mouth on October 28th 2013. He was highly praised for this achievement, being awarded a Medallion of Bravery in Atlanta 3 days after his notable act.

Popular Culture Edit

To this day, the capsicum has been seen an ordinary vegetable. Evan Tyler's death in 2016 led to the Great Depression of Capsicum, where the Brazilian economy fell.