Maya choco

The rarest substance on Earth

The tropical Theobroma cacao tree which the seeds of are cultivated for chocolate, are currently believed to be extinct hence making pure and fresh chocolate the rarest substance in the known world. Little is known as to how the Theobroma cacao tree died out. One theory was the habitat the trees thrive in was hit by a stray missile leading to massive hoarding of the remaining trees. The sudden and unprofessional handling of the trees hence lead to them dying out making many strongly believe the Theobroma cacao tree is extinct.

A kilogram of dark 70% chocolate has the same worth as over nine thousand satellite arrays on the moon hence making it virtually priceless but unsuprisingly, unheard of. Usually any chocolate sold on auction tends to be inbetween 0.1 to 50 metric grams and of small purity. The record for most dark 50% chocolate sold at once on auction was 100 metric grams sold at nine hundred million eras bought by a fat guy who unfortunately died under mysterious circumstances three days after the purchase.

Chocolate however has a mysterious property which makes it cs inert hence making anyone with artificially inserted cs who ingest it to lose all common sense and develop the sudden craving for more cs. This condition is called Csholatephia. Thankfully the lack chocolate makes the condition almost impossible to contract hence making most medical experts lack the proper training to treat this condition.

It also can be applied to a room as a thin layer making anyone in the room temporarily lose their artificially inserted cs deeming it to be a useful material to line a room with when dealing with certain people. Such a room however is publicly unknown.