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I can't use his photo...its just so creepy...

_ ____ __ _ _ __ __ - what Deaphth hears from his earphones


Deaphth is a deaf ex-tribal in his early forties. Back during the post-incident period, Deaphth and two others were known informally as the Three Sages famous for their combat prowess and disabilities each one had. Deaphth's intentions for joining () are only known to be able to use its resources to travel and try find one of the sages. The mute Nole. During his 25 years travelling the landscape, Deaphth was able to master the use of technologically advanced Nunchaku, called () although he originally used a gun as his choice of weapon. These Nunchaku came into his possesion during an escape from a military controlled facility whereby he improvised with them in a fight.