Common sense is not so common... - Voltaire, Poet

Note this is written is a brief reference....THERE IS MORE

After 3 years of war ravaging the world, all sides decide to end it in one last battle. Each launch their supply of tactical missiles onto one location where a stronghold stands. It is not known what lies within except everyone agrees if someone else besides them gets it, it would result in utter defeat hence everyones unanimous decision to destroy whatever secret lied within the stronghold. However a sudden event happens. It is unknown if the madness of man's conflicts started it but halfway though the leveling of the stronghold, a velvet blue crack in the sky appears which after emiting a large ammount of light disappears as abrupt as it appeared. Suddenly, all command between military personal breaks down, resulting in most prominant military power to destroy itself, and strange events happen around the world such as water rising far above ground or gravity itself being reversed. Most importantly, it seems everyone suddenly became insane. As if they lost all their common sense....

Twenty-five years later and most of he world has been rebuilt though common sense still seems to elude most of the population. Some however, are born with some common sense while others, artificially abosrb common sense into their system via various means.The world has reverted to an early Twenty-First Century era like state with some exceptions. An organisation intends to unsurp the newly established government within the world's largest city and most technologically advanced city, Capital City. To accomplish this feat, the must muster all the common sense they can to equip their men with basic survival instincts and their scientists with the ability to create weapons. To do this, they enlist the help of four mercenaries each with their own agenda to gather the common sense or cs. A strange source of cs is detected from a small town in the Eastern sector of the world and the four are sent to investigate the potentially large pool of cs.

Around 4000 km away, dawn breaks on the town(). Enter Mizusaki, a young girl studying in a cram school awakes. She lives on her own after her father had to leave town under mysterious circumstances without any mention when he may return. He however left her the house and a large sum of money for her to survive on with a guardian to watch her, though the guardian is usually busy. She however, under these difficult circumstances, was unable to enter a choice University after High school and hence goes to a cram school in hope she can enter a university before her father returns.