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Runners are a general name given to those assigned to collect retrieved common sense from any party who has successfully extracted it. Runners were first used 5 years after the inception of (). Each runner can be properly identified by a specific serial code it wears on a band.


Most runners are lobotomites. This was mainly done to ensure they do not run off with the cs for their own gain. It is also due to the highly dangerous nature of the job which means should a runner be capture, it would be neither intimidated nor care of its well-being with only the job as the one piority. The modifications made during the lobotomy include the implanting of a receiver, for it to pick up signals, and the removal of the hindering feedback to the brain caused by the lack of sleep, food and water. Most lobotomised runners are highly capable people who are however too dangerous to trust. They include criminals or traitors who have been captured. This is to prevent the waste in talent to fall under () hands.


Usually after a party has extracted cs, its broadcaster would send out a series of EM waves which a runner can sense due to an implanted neurological receiver. It would then follow the source of the signal three days after it was first broadcasted. It then will pick up the cs and pay the party for it. From then on, it will not stop , even for sleep or food until the cs is properly delivered back at headquarters. The three days before it picks up the cs are used for preparations for the long journey such as stockpiling food in the body and for the runner to check if it is being followed. Once delivered, the runner will again set off into the world free to roam until another signal is received.

Primogenial RunnerEdit

Runners where not always lobotomites. The first to be called runners were volunteers who wished to start a new life and as according to their tradition, they will abandon their surname and take up a reference number. Primogenial runner have external receivers which they carry. However, the number of such runners are slowly decreasing. Most primogenial runners are killed during their dangerous job while more are getting lobotomised. Due to the delecate nature of their job, any suspicion they get may result in orders from one to be converted. It is believed only three still exist and the whereabouts of two of them is currently unknown.