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Spelika is a highly trained and imfamous assasin trained and funded by a secretive benefactor. Though he has other colleagues, he rarely associates with them or even contacts them unless administrative business requires him to contact them. From his heavy training, he became an extremely efficient assasin usually needing only the first strike to kill a target. Although known by Okoye from a previous job, his identity is usually known only by deeds or rumours of a ruthless assasin who charges only on per attempt on a persons life. This scheme is done as if he is unable to kill a target on the first attempt, it is unlikely the target can be killed by an assasin hence rendering his services useless. Due to his infamy, most employers do not question this method of payment or the method it is carried out. To maintain his anonymity, he has a vast collection of knives and practically changes knives with each kill except for a short sword he uses for duelling should the first strike fail and a fight ensues.

Personal LifeEdit

Spelika tends to only socialise with people who were able to survive his assasination attempts meaning he has few people who survive the assasination and fewer who still want to interact with someone who attampted to kill them. One of the few people who befriend/acquaint with him would be Okoye who fought him while trying to protect the person Spelika was trying to kill. With the fight ending without a clear victor, they gained mutal respect for each other and converse on their endeavours. It is unknown if he has family members though he treats some of his colleagues as family hinting possible blood ties.

Appearence (mr siu?)Edit

  • spartan helmet
  • suit?
  • sharp nose
  • assorted knives
  • scars?
  • sneakers?


As an assasin, he excels in close combat, disguises, sneaking and even toxicology when he is required to assasinate with poisons. However since he usually is only needed to carry out any of these tasks on the first go, he becomes mediocre at each task on the following attempts. This is another reason why he usually attempts assasinations on different people only once. Although he carries a handgun, he has never fired it usually only using it for threatening or simply killing a person with the gun itself. He also carries a katzbalger when fighting without stealth. This katzbalger was bathed in various poisons and viral cultures so any wound inflicted by it would result in certain death either from the poison or from rare diseases. His skills in dueling however are above average though he finds duels pointless are rarely nessesary unless he finds himself in a situation he cannot escape with stealth.

Roles so farEdit