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A tribal is the term used to label a person who is in a roaming post-incident tribe. Such tribes were thought to be established roughly after the Incident claimed much of civilisation. With man's innate desire to be in a community, tribes were form by surviving war veterans and stranded civilians to increase survival rate and comminicate. Usually these tribes will roam the land in search of food and other resources to survive. Tribes started to disband roughly 15 years after the incident whereby large communities were set-up by larger tribes or ex-military officials rendering the nomadic lifestyle of some of the tribes redundant. Some tribes however still exist and roam the free and unpopulated land.

Social TribesEdit

A social Tribe is one which is made by the remnants of a society from a nation. These tribes are usually larger and have a fixed location unlike the normal nomadic tribes. These tribes usually grow to become the eventual current cities. However, some social tribes are secretive due to the belief that the breakdown from the incident is due to greed from people outside the tribe and as such, they keep to themselves and turn back travellers who may stumble on their city agressively. an example of one is where Okoye was banished from.